Wellness All Around

Wellness All Around

Wellness involves day-to-day habits that help keep our systems (body, mind, spirit) with a sense of well-being. No one is perfect at it, and there is no judgment. So, it may be worthwhile to consider the simple daily practical and physical ways to be non judgmentally be more aware of overall wellness. Before jumping to self-diagnosis of mental conditions, let's consider the some of the following questions first:

1. Is your system getting a regular balanced nutritious diet?

Balance here is key. Of course we want to include fresh produce, proteins, and grains, protein shakes, and all the latest goods. Yet, extremism really has not proven to do our systems well. I remember a college roommate loved her carrots as a default food, to the point that another roommate was convinced the carrot-loving roomate's skin was turning orange due to too much beta-carotene. Facetious examples aside, balance and nutrition, more than the x, y, z diet I believe is key. Consult your medical professional for your individual case.

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2. Is your system getting physical activity, movement, or a way to externalize frustrations and energy?

Exercise such as running and workouts are all good, but something simple such as walking, gardening, or even cleaning the house, or physical activity that is worked into a routine can give us the needed blood circulation for our system. Something is better than nothing. And it is good to check the intentions...is it anxiety over body image that is driving the exercise or is it truly balance and wellness that is intended?

3. Is your system hydrated enough with fresh water?

This is something many of us forget to do: to drink water or even something else just as hydrating throughout the day. Dehydration can leave us lethargic, tired, and blah.

4. Is your system getting the right amount of sunshine/fresh air/ access to nature?

There is something about the natural world. The fresh air, its pace, the rhythm, the balance of light and dark, the colors, and textures. The actual fresh air and light is essential to our physical health, but I dare to extend the healing power to the whole the natural world-- its beauty, and pace to refresh us and our systems. I include pets and animals in this as well.

5. Is your system getting enough rest, the minimum amount of hours of sleep at night, and breaks it may need during the day?

If we do not allow our bodies and minds the proper rest it was designed for, they let us know by forcing us into rest. We see this when we run ourselves down into catching a cold, or when chronic issues unchecked develop into more serious conditions.

6. Are you okay that you will not be hitting all of the above all the time? Can you be kind to yourself?

The stress in people I notice most is the inability to accept "what is not" here and now. It is great to have goals, but are we okay with where we are now, before we can begin the "process"? Are you able to accept that it is difficult right now to go to the gym, get nature-therapy? Can you still be kind to yourself? If you need support, please contact me.

[Disclaimer: Any answers to the above are just additional considerations, and not meant to replace or usurp your dietician's /physician's/ psychiatrist's/or medical professional's advice]